Tuesday, January 16, 2007

24: Bauer Power

It's nice to have Jack back, isn't it? Sure, there are plot twists that are hard to agree with, the all too familiar multiple levels of villains, and unnecessary romantic subplots (yikes, a Chloe love-triangle?), but for thrills, chills, and spills it's hard to ignore the high-octane excitment of 24.

The season could have ended after episode four's concluding bomb explosion, and I would have been satisfied. What a great one-two punch to close out the hour. First, Jack taking out Curtis with a shot to the neck (couldn't he have just pumped one into his leg? I know, not as shocking), then the bomb is detonated near L.A. There's still 20 more episodes, too!

So now that main villain number one has been killed, we'll escalate to the next level (Dr. Romano from ER?). Then after he's taken out, there will most likely be four or five people above him handing out orders as well. No big deal, I've come to expect that. They gotta fill 24 episodes somehow.

I'm already tired of the Regina King (Wayne Palmer's sister) character, but I'm sure that will payoff big down the line.

I'm also tired of Chloe, but then again, I haven't liked her from the beginning. At least she looks more attractive this year.

And, so far, no Kim Raver (Jack's girlfriend Audrey). This is a good thing. However, since The Nine has been cancelled, I'm sure we'll see her eventually.

While we're discussing 24 for a minute or two, I thought you'd enjoy some 24 parodies that I stumbled upon.

Here's Conan O'Brien's take, entitled "60". They were originally individual clips that were each one second long. This clip is a montage of those clips. Very funny.

Here's one from the Nobody's Watching guys.

Here's a cute one that I first noticed around Christmas time.

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