Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A (Re)cut above

There's been a bit of a phenomenon online for the past year or two -- recut movie trailers. You've probably seen a few. A movie's trailer is edited in a certain way that gives it a whole new feel. Psycho as a love story, Groundhog Day as a slasher movie, or Taxi Driver as a romantic comedy.

Most times, these are very well done, and highly entertaining. Wikipedia has a nice list of many of the recuts that are online.

Here are five of my favorites...

The Shining

This one won an award back in October, 2005, and is credited with being the recut trailer that helped launch the phenomenon.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

One of many using the Brokeback Mountain theme. This one works pretty well

A Christmas Story

Renamed "A Christmas Gory" in this trailer of a holiday classic

Mary Poppins

"Scary Mary" looks like a much better movie, doesn't it? And I have to admit, with the headphones on and the music playing on this one, I got a chill on the back of my neck.

The Sound Of Music

Usually when Megan wants to watch this movie at home, the fact that it's nearly four hours long is enough to scare my socks off. This trailer doesn't help.

Julie Andrews -- Horror movie queen!

Feel free to add some of your favorites in the comments section.

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