Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Eye of the Tigger

You may have heard about, or read the story about the boy who claims Tigger punched him at Disney World. The link includes an option to view the video evidence.

I agree with the news anchor -- I'm still waiting to see what Tigger does that is so wrong. It doesn't look like a purposeful punch. Certainly not a forceful one.

Right before the "punch" you can see the boy say something, then it looks like Tigger tries to get the kid's arm away from him, the boy starts to lose his balance a bit, then the "punch" comes in. Who knows what was said?

The family -- who is going for a battery charge against the dude inside the costume -- claims that Tigger locks the kid's arm around him, pulling him closer, then "clocking" him in the face.

Hey, Tigger is a bit unpredictable. After all, he's loaded with vim and vigor. He's bouncy, trouncy, flouncy pouncy.

The investigation is ongoing.

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