Monday, April 28, 2008

Best. Burger. Ever.

Brothers and sisters, I have seen the light.

I think I have discovered the best burger in the world. Okay, pretty high praise, but it certainly was one of, if not the best burger I've ever had.

It's something called the Southern Smokehouse Bacon Big Mouth Burger at Chili's.

The thing that stands out is the bacon. It's thick as a brick with a brown sugar coating. I'd spend the $8.95 just for a few strips of it.

Plenty of other toppings are on this masterpiece, including onion strings, and it comes with an ancho-chile BBQ sauce on the side. The whole thing is tremendous.

I'm certainly not getting anything out of this little plug of mine from the fine folks at Chili's. This recommendation comes to you, and them, free of charge. Although, if they want to send me a few free coupons, I'll gladly take them.

I'm just trying to enhance your life, as this burger has enhanced mine. Please, try it out. Just make it successful enough so it can remain on the menu full-time.

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