Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Is It Football Season Yet?

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, for fans, the baseball season is like being on a roller coaster. And, as a fan of the Phillies -- and White Sox, too -- yesterday's games provided plenty of ups and downs (mostly downs), leaving me already searching for a calendar to mark the date training camp starts.

Both games were strangely similar: The Phillies and White Sox had 2-0 leads before giving up multiple runs in one inning -- seven by the Sox, four by the Phillies -- which was then followed by the Phils and Sox rallying to tie their respective games, only to lose after giving up multiple runs in a late inning -- three by the Sox in the Indians' 8th, and five by the Phils in the Nationals' 9th.

Thanks, Tom Gordon and Octavio Dotel!

And now, we have to sit through what ends up being a pointless day off, which allows those two losses to fester even longer.

If the Phils lose Wednesday, all of the bad memories of lousy starts from earlier in this decade will come roaring back, and fans will be frantically racing for the Walt Whitman Bridge.

I have a feeling this is going to be a long season. Of course, I'll be all smiles if the Phils can win the next two games and take the series.

Now, where are those training camp dates...

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