Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Lee Elia!

Twenty-five years ago, Lee Elia -- then manager of the 5-14 Chicago Cubs -- gave us one of the best rants in the history of sports. Maybe the history of mankind. At least, of those that were captured on tape.

And by the way, kudos to Les Grobstein for being the only local reporter wise enough to have tape running during the tirade.

I love the rant for many reasons, but mainly because it's right on the money. Many of those same players weer on the 1984 team that won the division the next year.

Of course, Elia was fired and did not get to shove it up those...well, I'll let him say it.

The bleeped version is below. If you need to hear what's behind the beeps, and it really is worth it if you can keep the kiddies and the boss away, then click here.

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