Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Phantastic Phinish

A case of Tastykakes all the way around for those responsible for two very nice wins last night for my beloved Philly teams. Danny Briere gets two cases, thanks to his two goals.

I'm gonna give an extra case to Mike Richards, too, for that all important penalty shot goal as well.

A long way to go in this first round series, but the Flyers have played well.

It's strange how I was happy to sit and watch the Flyers vs. Capitals game last night -- a game won by the Flyers 6-3 -- without really feeling that negative feeling that I usually do when watching another Philly team that was playing last night, the Phillies.

And it was a playoff game. Much more at stake then just some random baseball game in April.

Yet, I watched the Flyers, who have thoroughly dominated their series against the Capitals that they now lead 2-1, while ignoring the scoreboard for the Phillies vs. Astros game.

But for some reason near the end of the Flyers game, I jumped online and went to I don't even remember what I was looking for, but my eyes accidentally focused near the top of their main page and saw the score of the Phils' game and I instantly started shaking my head.

Astros 3, Phillies 0 - 9th.

With the Flyers enjoying a big lead in the waning minutes, my focus shifted to who was shutting out the high-powered -- a rather suspect description in the early part of this season -- Phillies' offense. Had to be Oswalt, right?

Shawn Chacon?!?!


Well, no sense avoiding the score anymore, I thought. I was already anticipating a loss, so I fired up Yahoo's game tracker to watch the final gory details.

Chris Snelling leads off the 9th with a pinch-hit homerun. Utley hit by a pitch. Hmmm, not bad. Already the tying run is at the plate with nobody out. Ryan Howard steps up, and promptly strikes out for the 243rd time this year.

Now Burrell will ground into a game ending double play, I thought (gotta love that Philly positive attitude).

But wait, Burrell's on a hot streak. Maybe this will be different.


Then, Geoff Jenkins strikes out, but reaches 1st on a passed ball. There's no way the Phillies are losing this one after that play.

Pedro Feliz comes to the plate, and even he doesn't ground into a game ending double play.

"Pete Happy" sent the remaining Phillies' fans home happy with this clutch hit.

I normally would have just gone to bed after the Flyers win, and found out about the Phillies' comeback the next morning. But, I ended up noticing the Phillies game just at the moment that the 4-run 9th inning was getting started.

Someone, somewhere wanted me to see how that transpired. Or at least follow along in real time online.

So, a box of tastykakes to that person, too.

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