Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Wedding Proposal

Congrats to one of my best friends, Brian, who proposed to his longtime girlfriend Kirstin in a rather unique way last week. Video of the proposal is at the bottom of the post.

Blog readers from the Chicago area will recognize the ABC7 news gang.

Brian told me that he got a call from his girlfriend moments after he appeared onscreen -- I guess we should call her his fiance now, as she did say "yes" -- and Mark Giangreco motioned to Brian trying to get an idea of her response.

Once Brian gave Giangreco the good news, Giangreco high-fived him through the window.

I'm sure the folks at ABC7 were just glad Brian didn't resort to something crazy, like crashing his car through the plexiglass window during the newscast.

Anyway, good luck Brian and Kirstin. And, Brian, it was real noble of you to adopt those two kids.

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