Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Masters

It's Masters week. As a golf fan, and a sports fan, Masters week is about as good as it gets. Big names, great drama, and one of the finest looking sporting events you'll ever see in HD.

Every year I always check to see where Easter falls on the calendar. My hope is that Easter Sunday is not the same Sunday as the final round of The Masters, because that means I'd probably have to miss at least some of the telecast. We usually have Easter dinner at my in-laws, and they don't turn the television on in the kitchen during that meal. How dare they?

So, with Easter already out of the way, the weekend is clear to plunk down in front of the tube and follow along with all of the other "patrons".

The tournament is so good, and so compelling, that it allows me to look past some of the silly rules that the networks have to follow, like using the term "patrons" instead of "fans".

You won't hear the term "rough" used much, either. It's known as the "1st cut", or "2nd cut".

And, of course, they still won't allow Gary McCord within a handlebar moustache's distance of Magnolia Lane ever since he critiqued the greens at Augusta several years ago, calling them "bikini waxed".

Also, you won't see any of the analysts roaming the course. David Feherty will be in his usual spot at the 15th green, not walking the course as he does at every other CBS event.

Then of course, there is the theme music for The Masters, written by Dave "Please Come To Boston" Loggins, brother of one Kenny Loggins, who penned another classic song associated with golf, "I'm Alright", from Caddyshack.

Here are some clips from previous Masters tournaments, and at the end of the post, a clip of the music that you'll hear throughout the weekend. It's called "Augusta".

Of that song, and of this tournament, I'm a big patron.

Nicklaus wins in 1986

Tiger's chip on 16 in 2005

Davis Love's similar chip in 2002

Larry Mize recalls his winning chip shot in 1987

I tried to find some video of Greg Norman's 1996 meltdown that turned a six shot lead into a six shot defeat, but couldn't.

And, actually I'm glad about that. Outside of seeing a Philadelphia team lose a big game -- which I have way too much history of -- I don't recall ever being as sad or depressed watching a sporting event as I was on that memorable day.

Here's the music that I'd like to bring with me on my iPod every time I tee it up at Nettle Creek this summer.

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